Making the wheels turn

Wondering how we turn our vision of a worldwide travel network into reality day-by-day? Simply by pulling together established transport companies to a unified network in over 30 countries, that is operated together by central teams in our headquarters and several country teams on the ground. Simple right?

Building relationships to build the network

Ok, it’s not simple at all. But it is the daily business of our teams, who are constantly developing tools and implementing standard processes across regions, ensuring a high level of cost efficiency and a safe and consistent Flix travel experience across the globe. Practically speaking this means coordinating the sourcing of our bus partners by identifying the best fitting routes, the most reliable local partners and building long-lasting relationships to ensure a viable and competitive network. 

Close cooperation moves limits

Flix operations and business development teams work closely together by preparing local partners for joining the network, equipping buses with innovative, fully integrated onboard solutions, training drivers with scalable learning management systems and supervising the daily operations to deliver a great travel experience for our customers. 
Together they make sure that our partners are closely aligned with our safety and quality objectives via strong reporting and case management tools.

Wondering if you’d be a good fit for our team?

All we want from you is solution-oriented thinking, strong analytic skills and of course – as our teams sit right at the core of the day-to-day business relationship with partners – good communication skills in an international environment. But most importantly: A make-it-happen kind of mindset. So, make it happen and apply!

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