The drive behind everything that's Flix

Imagine creating products that are used by thousands of people every day. Imagine implementing digital tools that make the work of more than 3000 colleagues in over 40 countries easier. Imagine sitting right at the core of a company that drives a global travel revolution. If that’s beyond your imagination, then just think of working for FlixTech.

Engineering, Data, & Product

The FlixTech teams are spread out over Flix locations around the world, all working for one goal: creating software and developing features that truly bring value to their users – let them be FlixTeam members, partners, or customers.

Engineering, Engineering Operations, and Data

Our Engineering teams enable all Flixies to make data driven decisions with tools facilitating everything from website tracking to network planning. As well as making life of Flix customers easier e.g., by providing mobile apps or features to track the location of busses in real time. The engineering team is as diverse as Flix itself, consisting of a wide range of experts from backend, frontend, and full-stack engineers, to IT support & infrastructure specialists and data scientists.

Product & Design

Our UX and UI teams drive the direction of our products, always figuring out the smoothest solutions, easiest navigation and most enjoyable designs for a consistent Flix experience across all our digital products. Product Owners, UX/UI Designers, and UX Researchers collaborate to ensure decisions are based on evidence and that our development efforts go into features that truly bring value to our users. Taking care of smooth digital experience before, during, and after every Flix journey – that’s the FlixTech Product & Design team.

Leading tech, leading the travel revolution

FlixTech is coordinated by a unique leadership team, to avoid top-down decisions. The leadership team instead enables all our tech domains (we have one for almost every department now) to work together highly collaborative by providing strategic clarity and creating an environment where everyone has autonomy to implement solutions and propose ideas. The team consists of Domain Leads, Domain Technical Officers, Domain Product Officers, Engineering People Managers, and Agile Coaches. To take it even further, we’ve created institutions like our 3-day hackathon, where we soundboard and develop ideas across teams.

Wondering if you’d be a good fit for our team?

If the idea of working with an open mindset and more than 50 different nationalities, following agile principles and an easy but strong feedback culture seems tempting to you, all you need to do is to answer one last question: are you in? Check out our Flixtech jobs, or see all our open jobs.

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